Beyond the steam, the family smiles and enjoys our home.
Family welcome no meal style, ~Hatago, Ogiyama, ~
【Official】New Gloria Resort Group if you are looking for accommodation in Beppu, Yufuin and Oita City

【Official】New Gloria Resort Group if you are looking for accommodation in Beppu, Yufuin and Oita City

Click here if you are using the GOTO Travel Campaign

  • Updated on 11/10 For those who are considering staying 7 nights or more

    Applicable from reservations and sales after 0:00 on Tuesday, November 17th!
    【Great value for 7 consecutive nights or more! 】STAY HOME☆Even if you make a reservation from the plan for business trips or short-term stays without meals or for long-term continuous stays, the GOTO Travel Discount will be applied up to the 7th night.
    Please note that the GOTO Travel 35% discount will not be applied from the 8th night onwards.

    Please see the GOTO Travel Campaign site for details.
  • You can issue coupons from STAY NAVI from today!

    From 9/18, STAY NAVI will also start handling highway tour passes!

    If you are staying at this facility and are using the expressway, you can use the expressway reasonably from 9/18.
    After making a reservation from the hotel's official website, if you obtain a "coupon for accommodation" by yourself at STAYNAVI, "Highway Tour Pass Goto Travel Discount Banner" will be displayed on My Page of STAYNAVI.Please access the dedicated site of each highway company from there and reserve the target plan.※You will be asked to enter the above "accommodation coupon" number during the reservation.

    If you have any questions, please visit the official website of STAY NAVI.
  • For those who book plan for Goto Travel Campaign

    ※Please be careful※
    Jalan you make a reservation from a reservation site such as Jalan or Rakuten Travel, you can issue a coupon with STAY NAVI.
    there is no need.

    For reservations via the official website
    It is necessary to separately process the discount application on "STAY NAVI".

    ▼GoTo Travel Procedure▼
    ① Book an accommodation plan on the official website of the facility.(Excludes day trips)
    ② Access the STAY NAVI member registration page and register as a free member.
    ③ From my page of STAY NAVI,
     Click "Go To Travel Coupon Issue" to register the reservation information.
    ④ Discount coupon will be issued

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